Domestic Violence

by Vague Fears

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"People who are powerless make an open theater of violence." - Don DeLillo

Sensation 2 video:
Space Vampires video:


released April 30, 2013

[VF]009 "Domestic Violence" LP [65'21" / 001-0013]
Written/performed/produced by B.L. Jisei and A. Topez d.b.a.
Vague Fears Terminators On Acid Kill Yrself Cenobite Aloha
Recorded at Nuke City [LAX]
© MMXIII VFTOAKYCA / Skullfuckers, Inc.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Fuzz Nuke Annihilator
There are no words.
R.I.P. Ricardo Montalbán
Track Name: Sensation 2
Nerves burned away
Sensation fades

I can't feel a goddamn thing
And I don't want to feel a goddamn feel
And I don't need to feel a goddamn thing
I don't need anything to live

The nerves
They burned away
Burned them away

The violence
I have a violence

The nerves were turned away
Back to the skin
The bones that are left
Have nothing to grab at
I don't want your goddamn words
I have heard all those goddamn words

I just want the face on you
With that mouth turned upside down
I just want to see the blood through you
I don't know if it even exists
Are we through to you?
What still remains
Will fade away

Nerves fade away
Sensation burns

Now fade away
Track Name: Space Vampires
Do you know who I am?
A mind who lost it all
I can't see the past
Blinded by poor memory (and the memories)

Do you know why I'm here?
The grave I dug spit me back
To flow inside the tomb of you
Poison blood through broken veins in decay

Do you know why we're here?
To think about who we've become
Throw your hands into the air
I've lived with you now die with me (I'd die with you)

I've got nothing better to do
Then to come looking for you
To find your map to heaven's gate
Burn it and bring you down underground into the ground

Why do you keep asking why?
No one alive can answer you
Look past how you feel inside
Is it fear or is it hate or eternal black emptiness?

Do you remember when?
Neither do I
I have seen the future and...
It's suicide

C'mon, do it with me

Inside of you?
It's suicide.
Track Name: Hate Everything
Words are distortions.
Track Name: Chaotic Neutral
Complete lyrics:
Track Name: Limbo Screw
The flesh
The blood

Say a little prayer for me

Open your eyes
Close your mind
Do what I say
Repeat after me

God is real
He is here
It's true
Don't lie

You're so learned
So beautiful
You see all
I only ask you for this

Say a little prayer for me

Track Name: The Bone Limits
A remote plane
Geography unknown
I have no control
No way to slow down

Trapped in another maze
A heart's dead language made
No map to lead the way
No you or me to save

The further I fall
The closer I feel

Middle of nowhere
A future ghost home
I'm fine all alone
Outside of your control
Here among the bones
Memory leaves whole

The further I fall
The closer I feel
Track Name: Psych Amphet
The sea was my mother
Time, my father
Death still my lover
God a mirrored maze
Reflecting her ghost
Memory my enemy
Track Name: Define Teenage
I see nothing extraordinary
Nothing out of the ordinary
Schizophrenic dreamers and
Gene pool polluters

I don't know what you're trying to say
I don't care what you're trying to sell
I don't need anything from you
Or you or you or you or you

They tied hope to tomorrow
And didn't tell you that's when it ends
I don't know why you believe them
But you always seem to go along

I just want your little drug problem
I just want a little love problem
I see nothing extraordinary
I see nothing at all

Define "teenage"
Track Name: Drugs Win Drug War
I don't know what you need
From a prophet like me
Wanna hit my PCP?
Did you see what you want to see?

God hates you
Track Name: Crushing
You sucked my blood past bone
Deep down into the marrow
Left with an empty hate you can't understand
No answers, not one - search elsewhere

You took those words of wisdom
Turned them into your venom
I drank it all night so deep
May I wake from dreams a blinding desert

I can't live inside my broken skull
You can't live outside your melting skin
Time knows bone is stone - dust to dust
Time my friend crumbles us so fine
Time my friend will crumble us into dust

God fucked up on both of us
God fucked up on all of us
What should we do?
I know what to do
Could I love you?
No, but this is what I'll do:

I'll throw away your bones
I'll throw away your bones
Burn wounds to the ground
Carve away the memory of your memory from our memory

It's crushing - I feel it crushing
You feel it crushing?
It's fucking c r u s h i n g