Alphabetical Disorder

by Vague Fears

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Your pain will echo on...


released June 25, 2013

Written, performed, recorded, and designed June 2013 at Nuke City by B.L. Jisei and A. Topez d.b.a. Vague Fears Terminators On Acid Kill Yrself Cenobite Aloha. Original "Death Skull" illustration by A. Topez for Infinity & Co.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Transformations of Myth Through Time
Remember me? I am revenge. Born to live against you. True till death (then I haunt you). A hand from the grave. Does Death remind you? Hey little fish, you're out of water. Hey big mouth, your gang ain't around you. People can change but you remain the same. Like all before you Death defines you. And I'm Death's left hand, holding that scythe. That diamond hand of eternal time. I am a stone - no blood to give. I am nothing and everything. I am the sea, here to drown you. I am the sky here to surround you. I am the earth, here to crush you. I am the flames, here to burn you down to the fucking ground. You're ashes.
Track Name: Death & I
I lived for a thousand years. Stranded in the shadow of yr skull. Led to believe my eyes couldn't see. In a crystal haze I saw true light. You're not so beautiful anymore. A soulless shell of what you once were. I've heard this silence echo before. You're not so beautiful anymore. Death and I traveled through time and space. Fueled by the cold blue blood of my heart. I destroyed the dreams all young lovers dream. Bathed in the ashes of everything I burned. I burned it all.
Aya aya aya...
Track Name: Harmaline Worship Kvlt
Omega came down to me as the ancient mother tree. Guarded by her children: The Panther; the Snake; Zero and One. Her vines and leaves came at me. Dripping with the holy Logos blood. Hypnotized by swastikas and pentagrams. To murder me without mercy - without mercy. And set me free. Yesterday doesn't die (it's alive). Tomorrow will not heal you or erase truth. Look at the faces hidden within yours. What Time won't forget, it will crush. Her telepathic voice inside my head. All eternity surfing my memories. Answering why with no reason or meaning. The Heaven you want is the Hell you will get. Your pain will echo on. Turn off the speakers and screens. Forgot the coded names your heart beats. You have found yourself dead alone. Neither faith nor science can help you now. Don't try to hide it. You know you can't fake it. No escaping. Nowhere to hide. You're better off this way.
You cannot leave this sacred circle. She is projecting the universe (we are reflecting). Outside is a lawless wilderness. A place to die when speaking in tongues. You'll speak in tongues. Speak in tongues. fad;ioasefklj asdfpoiuawef asdfopi asdfoipj asdflkj 098auwefo ;lkjam,nxzcvlk asdofin asdofiaewfln esbkl. So alone. Kill yrself.
Track Name: The Physics of Immortality
Born cold, a driftless moon. My darkness visible. Until you, a rising sun shining on a different truth. Drew me in too close to you. Asked me to make a God of you. Just Like Heaven you're a lie. Shadows cast eternally. But not all worlds follow you. Clouded eyes search the night. There are secrets I kept, too. And this dream of future truth:
All the stars collapse. Left with empty skies. No gravity in you or your fucked-up head.
Your pain is a rain never again to fall on me.
I am a black hole at the beginning of all time. I am in complete control - your infinity destroyer. I am God to you - the Omega Point death revealer. Designed to destroy and I will eat your light alive. I will live forever. I will live forever. I will live forever. I will eat your light alive. Eat your light alive. I eat your light . Alive.